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The Rate of The Rate of Recovery – Not Enough
April 24, 2020
Companies Mentioned:
None Explicitly, Dozens Implied
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Subjects Covered:
Economic Recovery, Social Distancing, Economic Depression, COVID-19, Oil and Gas, Refining, Chemicals, Packaging, The Permian

The 7th Second Derivative: the 3rd Derivative – The Rate of The Rate of Recovery – Not Enough

Every week we scan the reporting, news flow, fundamentals and profitability of the chemical industry and publish our findings every day. This report is primarily designed for our institutional investor clients and looks for “read-through” for other industries from what we have uncovered. The goal is to publish once a week and only on issues that are relevant


The Wrong Economic Model – Again (part 3)

Over the next month or two we are going to get two sets of data that will determine the shape of the rest of the year and possibly 2021 as well.

  1. The adherence to attempts to re-start the economies in the West by easing restrictions and encouraging businesses to reopen
  2. And whether relaxing social distancing guidelines leads to a step back up in COVID-19 cases, as we have seen in some countries in Asia.

See PDF Below For The Charts 

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