Weekly Thematic

Air Travel and Its Implications For Chemicals
May 8, 2020
Products Mentioned:
Carbon Fiber, Paint, Epoxy Resins, Jet Fuel, Gasoline, Naphtha
Companies Mentioned:
Boeing, Airbus, IAG/British Airways, Virgin Atlantic, Solvay, Hexcel, Olin, Huntsman, Hexion, PPG, Linde
Subjects Covered:
Aircraft Production, Passenger Traffic, Composite Demand, Feed stock Availability, Jet Fuel Demand

C-MACC Perspectives No 13


Air Travel and Its Implications For Chemicals

  • Plastics and composites make up an increasing share of content in new aircraft and suppliers will see significant demand disappointments as airlines delay orders and Boeing and Airbus keep production rates below plan.

  • The bigger variable and most significant effect for chemicals is additional refined products thrown into the chemical feedstock pool as refineries shift away from jet fuel production (as well as gasoline) and toward alternatives.

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