C-MACC Sunday Thematic & Weekly Recap 68

Inventory Challenges Solved Differently Short vs Long-Term

  • This report discusses the market impact of shifts in inventory management practices across industrial/manufacturing supply chains, short- and long-term.
  • The “Just In Time Delivery” model appears broken for the auto industry and others. A push is underway to elevate inventory positions to curb risk.
  • This development may add 8-10% to raw material demand through 2021, using pre-2008 as a proxy. The swing will be higher in durables and lower in consumables. 
  • Recent volatility and uncertainty in US and Asia base chemical prices are mostly supply-driven. Volatility should moderate in the long term.
  • Our ESG research discussed technology needs and the importance of placing a higher value on what works now.  We also framed possible stock rotations.   

Last week we discussed 26 Chemicals and related products and 109 Companies.

See PDF below for all charts, tables, and diagrams

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