Hydrogen Economy Update

Power Vacuum – Credits Need To Rise Or Everything Will Stall
July 25, 2023

C-MACC Hydrogen Weekly Update 4

Power Vacuum – Credits Need To Rise Or Everything Will Stall

Key Points

  • Affordable green hydrogen at scale will currently have to wait for affordable surplus renewable power at scale, suggesting that the industries could evolve in series, which will take many years.
  • For electrolyzer technology and costs to evolve more quickly, green hydrogen and renewable power need to evolve in parallel, and for that incentives should change to drive electrolyzer development.
  • Offering 45V (or equivalent) for electrolyzer-based hydrogen on any power source today – phasing in green power over time – see chart – would step change green hydrogen investment immediately.
  • We look at sub-scale green ammonia plans and note that these are high costs and will require high prices – it is not yet clear how much higher-priced ammonia demand there will be.
  • We continue to question how low-carbon power can evolve at the pace some consumers are looking for without a much more sensible focus on nuclear, hydro, and natural gas with CCS.

Announcing an upcoming session led by C-MACC at the World Chemical Forum – Panelists to be announced

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