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Chemicals, Energy, and Sustainability

C-MACC has been in the consultancy business for years. We are known for our experience and market interpretation.

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Graham’s experience spans the chemical, energy, financial, and consulting industries, bringing a well-rounded market view to C-MACC

He has previously worked at CMAI, BP, and Macquarie Group among many others.

At C-MACC, he leads the Consultancy department and has successfully advised many oil majors and sustainability tyrants. His most recent publication includes a white paper on Ethylene: How Decades of Sometimes Relevant Industry Experience Can Inform (and Mislead) You!

Graham covers the most recent developments and fluctuations of the industry and their implications in these webcasts. The information and data are collected by the C-MACC team from trusted sources and client meetings.

At C-MACC we believe timing is key in this industry, and these webcasts is our way of brining you the right information at the right time.

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C-MACC Webcast Library

Webcast V

Filling the Gaps: A Fresh Perspective on Polymer Pricing

Why consider a new polymer pricing service? On Wednesday April 10, we hosted a webcast exploring the needs of the Polymer market.

We introduced C-MACC’s new Polymer Price Expectations service focused on market fundamentals and provided analysis supporting expectations for future pricing.

Webcast Iv

Too Much Feedstock Not Enough Demand

On March 13th we discussed one of the biggest challenges of 2024. Graham hosted a webcast and outlined the major implications of excess feedstock.

The agenda included discussions around feedstock availability, chemical oversupply and cost curves, economic outlook of the chemical industry and questions to be considered for WPC and CERAWeek.

Webcast III

Power: The Renewable Challenges for Industrial Consumers

On February 14th Graham Copley, Co-Founder of C-MACC, and Matt Hobson, Principal at Energy Edge Consulting, discussed the evolution of power markets, overall industrial sector power needs, and the significant challenges facing many clean energy and sustainability efforts.

Webcast II

The Future of Olefins

On January 9th, Graham did a 30 minute webcast to discuss the future of olefins near term and long term, following findings from C-MACC’s newly introduced Global Ethylene Study.

Webcast I

The Bankruptcy Risk of Clean Energy

In C-MACC’s first webcast, Graham Copley,  discussed the financial viability of hydrogen and clean energy technologies on November 16th, 2023. He presented how there can be a ripple effect through the hydrogen and other emerging technology markets, making the already hard-to-find public market funding more scarce/expensive.

Chemical Market Analysis

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