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We have experience in every aspect of chemical and finance industries and a deep understanding of these businesses. We add the most value where the problems are the most difficult.

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Study Prospectus

Ethylene Rationalization & The China Factor

In collaboration with Dragoman, a leading geopolitical risk consulting company with specific expertise in China, C-MACC has prepared a detailed study looking both at the supply/demand implications of recent and changing behavior and where we may see the much necessary consolidation required to repair what could be chronic oversupply.

This analysis moves well beyond a traditional cost analysis/cost curve approach as integration will be a gating factor in closure decisions, with upstream integration likely more important this time around.

Topic 1

Olefins and polyolefins face the worst downturn the industry has ever experienced.

Topic 2

China’s economic outlook is subdued because of changed fundamentals and is further handicapped by political priorities that make modeling difficult.

Topic 3

Energy transition adds the wildcards of NOCs investing to consume crude oil and other feedstocks, including China investing heavily in green chemicals.

“Graham and Cooley are two of the most experienced consultants and advisors in the chemical sector with C-MACC being a uniquely positioned knowledge driven company that is a must to partner with for insights and analytics in chemicals.”

Andrew Liveris – Former Chairman and CEO of Dow Chemical, Current Board Member of ​Aramco, Worley. Current Senior Advisor to the Saudi Arabia and Australian Governments

“I have known Graham for more than 20 years and in my opinion, he has always been extremely thoughtful and strategic in his approach to industry issues and corporate challenges. Graham and his colleagues at C-MACC are the right team to have on your side of the table in these challenging times and during any period of significant change, whether externally or internally driven.”

Dennis Reilley – Former Chairman and CEO of Praxair (now Linde), Former Chairman of Marathon Oil and former Board Director of Dow Chemical and DowDuPont


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Problem solvers & Original Thinkers

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