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New (Polymer) Kids On The Block: The Challenges Of Adolescence
September 8, 2021
Companies Mentioned:
Gevo, Monolith Materials, Origin Materials, Dow, Danimer Scientific, Newlight Technologies, Nike, LyondellBasell, BASF, Borealis, CP Chem, Eastman, Ginkgo Bioworks, Specific Polymers, bp, Air Products, Air Liquide, Linde, SABIC, Coca-Cola, Microsoft, Delta Airlines, VW
Commodities Mentioned:
Subjects Covered:
Recycling, Renewables, Carbon Capture, Emissions, New Energy, The Hydrogen Economy, ESG Investing

C-MACC Weekly “CRETER” (Climate etc.)

New (Polymer) Kids On The Block: The Challenges Of Adolescence 

  • New production routes, including renewables, to conventional polymers, are complicating an already opaque picture of the best course for the plastics industry
  • New and low carbon polymers do not address plastic waste issues unless large sub-sectors can switch to compostable polymers with consumer buy-in
  • Most new technologies are largely untested, and almost all untested at scale, and for several, feedstock availability may challenge reaching scale economics
  • In some cases, valuations already factor in success and not much risk, and we question whether some can deliver on their promises and on time
  • Otherwise, we talk about hydrogen, carbon offsets (and the possible value of direct air capture), aviation fuel, ESG activism, & the geopolitics of climate change

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