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Recycling: Beware Of The Misleading PR
March 30, 2022
Commodities Mentioned:
Companies Mentioned:
Agilyx, Mura Technology, IHS Markit, PureCycle Technologies, LyondellBasell, Covestro, Fulcrum Bioenergies, Dow Inc., Fluor, Hitachi, GE, Westinghouse, Toshiba, Framatome, Gevo, Monolith

C-MACC Weekly “CRETER” (Climate etc.)

Recycling: Beware Of The Misleading PR

  • The world is full of recycling initiatives, but few make commercial sense and address other environmental issues, such as curbing GHG emissions.
  • Chemical (advanced) recycling and incineration dispose of waste efficiently. However, costs are high due to sizable energy needs and required decarbonizing.
  • Recycling hard to separate polymers into durables may be a compromise that works for all parties as emissions are low and virgin polymer demand stays high.
  • Some of the dire weather predictions associated with climate change might impact material availability in the US, but may also be a reason to invest in nuclear.
  • Otherwise, we evaluate carbon taxes versus prices, the challenges of finding enough cheap renewable power, and the value of the IEA.

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