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Capital Costs are Driving Investments Rather Than Operating Costs
November 25, 2022
Products Mentioned:
Hydrogen, Batteries, Renewable Electric Power, Carbon Dioxide, Plastics, Recycled Plastics, EVs, Ammonia, Biofuels
Companies Mentioned:
McKinsey, Climeworks, Gulf Coast Sequestration, PureCycle, Occidental
Subjects Covered:
Recycling, Renewables, Carbon Capture, Emissions, New Energy, The Hydrogen Economy, ESG Investing, Climate Litigation, Clean Fuels

C-MACC Weekly “CRETER” (Climate etc.)

Capital Costs are Driving Investments Rather Than Operating Costs

  • The number of inefficient projects relying on free power or large incentives to drive acceptable projected returns is rising. Operating costs will matter long term!
  • The hope of free electric power is behind many decisions, but power demand estimates keep rising, suggesting that free power is decades away in large volume.
  • More and more analyses and opinions are emerging around limiting reliance on China for batteries, but battery materials and components also need attention.
  • Recycling is having a bad quarter as virgin polymer prices fall in the West – many projects risk financial challenges as costs are fixed, and margins are collapsing.
  • We also look at the first large DAC project on the Gulf Coast, some more forecasts for ammonia demand, and many substantial looming ESG goals.

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