Hydrogen Economy Update

Do I Have A Deal For You! Low Priced Hydrogen!
August 29, 2023

C-MACC Hydrogen Weekly Update 9

Do I Have A Deal For You! Low Priced Hydrogen!

Key Points

  • Several price reporting companies are trying to establish themselves as pricing references for hydrogen of various colors but are doing so based on theoretical cost models and are misleading.
  • There is very little blue and green hydrogen globally trading hands and none of the transactions are public. Even the grey hydrogen that moves is not freely traded and is very contract-specific.
  • Costs published by “price” reporters are also averages in what are likely to be very wide ranges, based on the projects that we review each week, and risk sending the wrong signals to potential users.
  • We look at a range of projects this week but with a focus on the US and a couple of green initiatives that could work, but only if they can get the renewable power needed.
  • Otherwise, we dive into why and where hydrogen makes sense for trains, and we look at some of the projections for ammonia as a fuel.

Upcoming session led by C-MACC at the World Chemical Forum – September 12-14.

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