Sustainability, Energy Transition, ESG

Crazy: We Near COP28 Pushing A Bigger Rock Up A Steeper Hill
October 6, 2023
Companies Mentioned:
ADM, Syngenta, Albemarle, Livent, Li-Cycle, Hertz Lithium, Lego
Commodities Mentioned:
Hydrogen, Ammonia, RNG, Biofuels, Methanol, Lithium, Nickel, Nuclear Power, ABS, Batteries, EVs, Wind, Solar, Water, Materials
Subjects Covered:

C-MACC Weekly Sustainability and Energy Transition Report

Crazy: We Near COP28 Pushing A Bigger Rock Up A Steeper Hill

  • As we approach COP28 we see the usual pick up in opinions, with multiple agencies and advisors wanting to be the most discussed view at the event.
  • There are bigger statements about what is needed, as little tangible progress has occurred in the last year – these run into much less friendly financing conditions.
  • “Who pays for it” is increasingly becoming the stumbling block. We see policy pullbacks and project postponements, although Europe presses ahead with RED III.
  • A “real world” view is that we must attack emissions with every tool available, and limiting the tools (as in Europe) will not end well and likely benefit China.
  • Otherwise (related), we make the case again for oxy-combustion and retake a look at lithium, falling wind and solar capacity factors, and ammonia/methanol.

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