Hydrogen Economy

Resetting The Hydrogen Agenda – A C-MACC Focus for June/July
June 4, 2024
This Week:
Things we need a better understanding of
Next Week:
Incentives – how much and what shape

The Hydrogen Economy #49

Resetting The Hydrogen Agenda – A C-MACC Focus for June/July

Key Points

  • We outline our program of work for June and July, focusing on issues and questions that should lead us to a better worldview, given that many enabling factors that many had hoped for are looking more challenging.
  • The power requirement to solve everything with green hydrogen is impractically large, and consequently, other routes to hydrogen need incentives to succeed and encouragement versus opposition.
  • We are in a World that is too optimistic about the chances of meeting new and existing power needs through wind and solar, putting the globe at risk of running out of energy if oil and gas investments fall too quickly.
  • Hydrogen project momentum is slowing, and it is unclear how much money will be needed to regain the momentum we saw a year ago. It is also unclear whether this is a wise use of public funds.

Exhibit 1: The number of weekly projects we identify has halved in what is now close to a year.

Source: Company Reports and C-MACC Analysis

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