Hydrogen Economy

Webcast Feedback and New Ideas
July 10, 2024
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Relighting the Hydrogen Fire
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The Hydrogen Economy #54

Webcast Feedback and New Ideas

Key Points

  • The hydrogen and other transition industries need new guidance and revised incentives at a time when there is political upheaval in many places, suggesting that the industry will need to wait/hope for post-election calm.
  • Companies with near-term decisions to make will find them challenging unless they stand up without further incentives or pricing driven by demand mandates, and then only where project financing is not required.
  • The SAF industry is in particularly bad shape, with critical projects being abandoned, leaving airlines with very deficit supply projections, and a need to stimulate investment by paying up for fuels now – bad for airfares.
  • We need a rule change for US green hydrogen credits to save the industry from several years of depressed activity, but despite moves from Plug Power and others, we do not think the change will come.

Exhibit 1: Even the better projects have higher costs than many decarbonized grey hydrogen facilities would have today.

Source: Company reports, project announcements, and C-MACC Analysis

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