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The Hydrogen Excitement Is Real But No Large Clean Volumes Soon
October 13, 2022
Companies Mentioned:
Issaquena Green Power, Cummins, Bloomberg, Air Products, ExxonMobil, Denbury, Nutrien, Alaska LNG, Hilcorp, GE, Blackrock, Westinghouse, Brookfield
Commodities Mentioned:
Subjects Covered:
Recycling, Renewables, Carbon Capture, Emissions, New Energy, The Hydrogen Economy, ESG Investing, Climate Litigation, Clean Fuels

C-MACC Weekly “CRETER” (Climate etc.)

The Hydrogen Excitement Is Real But No Large Clean Volumes Soon

  • The enthusiasm for clean hydrogen is understandable as its versatility as a fuel and as a starting point for clean fuels and chemicals is unconstrained.
  • Today we see small green projects based on isolated sources of limited cheap renewable power – mostly, these are focused on transport applications.
  • Large volume green hydrogen waits for large volume green power and will need to compete with other power needs – blue hydrogen needs permits and capital.
  • Meanwhile, activists are targeting everything, and the industry needs empirical evidence to refute claims that almost all energy transition plans are bad.
  • Otherwise, we look at carbon taxes/pricing and problems with regional policy differences. We also question wind ambitions and take another look at nuclear.

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