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Finding Alternate Sources of Hydrogen Will Likely Be Critical
November 7, 2023
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C-MACC Hydrogen Weekly Update 19

Finding Alternate Sources of Hydrogen Will Likely Be Critical

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Key Points

  • As low-cost green hydrogen becomes more elusive, we would expect increased efforts to find alternative sources of hydrogen. Gasification and pyrolysis are technologies that show promise.
  • The history of gasification is not good, but technology is improving, and syngas production can drive both fuels and materials production – finding low-cost feedstock is the challenge, as is scale.
  • Pyrolysis is very dependent on what it is you are heating up and your source of heat – as with gasification, you do not produce a pure stream of hydrogen, but it can be captured for fuel/materials.
  • Europe appears very disadvantaged in the table below as it does not have the low-cost feedstocks or the energy at the right price – Europe should rethink its attitude toward CCS to add some options.
  • Our work with multiple clients and many technologies suggests that there will likely be opportunities for all options, but it will be very situation and location-specific.

Exhibit 1: There are some other nascent technologies/routes that are not yet ready for primetime.

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